Life Renewal is a Biblical support program for all who are ready to look honestly at how to deal with life’s struggles and desire to experience freedom, joy and peace in Christ Jesus. Due to the sensitive nature of the material covered we recommend the program for 18 years and older. Those who have graduated from the program share that it was one of the most significant experiences in their Christian journey. 

While small groups are gender specific, many spouses have participated in the same year and benefited greatly from the program. Participating with a friend can be a big blessing and coordinators and facilitators do their best to guide you towards a small group that is safest.

Small groups are gender specific and generally 4-8 people. Everyone is free to choose their own small group. Sometimes there is a conflict of interest among members because they are related or another participant is connected to a past hurt. Facilitators will work with you to create a safe environment for sharing.

Life Renewal is offered for free. There are three workbooks to purchase for $30 each, however if these costs are a barrier for you to sign up, generous donors will gladly cover those expenses for you. Just talk to your local coordinator when you are enrolled.

We encourage you to pray about your decision to enrol first. Read up on the program as much as you can on the website and come to an information session near you. The first three sessions are open for continued enrolment. However, after the third session only those who commit for the duration of the program can continue.

Life Renewal is a 28 week program that takes participants through 3 workbooks. Every weekly session starts with devotions and a 45 minute video, after which you split up in smaller groups (by gender) to discuss the material. Participants are asked to apply the taught principles further to their life in their weekly homework, which typically takes 2-3 hours each week.

Life Renewal is based on the structure of 12-Step Recovery Programs. The step-by-step process has been proven to be helpful in the process of life-change. However, LR goes deeper into the heart, with Jesus Christ and His words at the centre of every session. The program also includes forgiveness, which other programs often do not include. LR is adjusted to reformed beliefs as summarized in the three forms of unity.

Life Renewal is not a counselling program, but a Biblical support program. Together, as participants, you work through the structure of the program and proven therapy methods. Together, we pray that the Holy Spirit will show us where we need to make changes. Facilitators are trained to ensure all the rules for a safe and confidential environment are followed and they encourage the participants during their journey.

This is an excellent question. It is our hope and prayer, that the tools taught in the program will be continually used, daily and weekly in your life. Living in a transformed community, praising God and authentically living in the light of the gospel, are all callings of a true Christian – we hope that it continues well past your time at LR. This does not mean you cannot return as a small group leader, or even to participate again; you would be warmly welcomed. 

The fellow participants in your location, your group leaders, and the administration staff at LR, all look forward to seeing you and getting to know you. Small group confidentiality is held at utmost importance at LR and names are not discussed without expressed permission from each person.

A sponsor is a trusted individual who agrees to lovingly walk alongside you during various steps in the program. They are typically a former graduate of the LR program. They are not counsellors, nor do they necessarily become lifelong friends. They are fellow Christians, walking alongside you, praying, extending grace and a listening ear. 

Enrolment is open until Session 3. After Session 3, enrolment is closed to protect the safety of the small groups. Connect with the local coordinator to determine what session the location is working through.