Good training takes practice. It takes accountability….it takes celebration!

First of all, this is truly amazing….God works in so many ways. I came to Life Renewal to do away with my pornography struggle. I went to my elders and said ‘I have a problem’. Well they took it seriously and got me setup with some accountability and help from a friend.…this was ’new to me’; talking about my struggle and taking active steps to conquer sin in my life. Well, then I came here and Life Renewal made ‘new to me’ the norm because I began to see the new and different things in my life as God’s work, God’s kingdom, God’s people, living and knowing Him and learning and experiencing His deep and unconditional love.

That’s what’s happening here and I love it….and this year I got to see that from day 1 as a facilitator. It made me uncomfortable in my human skin, it made me cry, it made me laugh, it made me cry some more….if you would have told me a few years ago that I would be smiling through the tears of my brokenness because of Christ’s sacrifice, I would have scoffed and then wondered a little….how do I get there, from battling and falling every day to, joy and firm confidence in Christ. Life Renewal helped me get there. It’s a place where I could expose my sin to the light, practice that, learn about Christ’s sacrifice and full deliverance from sin, and how to live in the joy of that comfort….and how to practice that. It’s like a rigorous training course for Christian living. Good training takes practice. It takes accountability….it takes celebration!

I also want to say how Life Renewal has given me a vision for my life. My life vision before coming here was “I’ll have this for life…..just fight it as much as you can but don’t get caught’ I truly believed that I was going to struggle with pornography and masturbation for my whole life. Through the sovereignty of God, He used His people and this program to break that lie that I was believing and gave me a new vision and new belief. God is in my heart, Christ died for me and I can have a beautiful relationship with him and through that relationship my whole life changes from squashed and subdued to alive and free.“…in view of God’s mercy, offer yourselves as living sacrifices holy and pleasing to God.”