Life Renewal was set up with the goal of helping those in our communities struggling with brokenness and hurt.

Life Renewal’s mission uses a Christ-centered 12 step healing ministry (Freedom Session) that leads people on a journey towards the freedom and healing they’ve always hoped was possible.

This program has proven effective to help people from every walk of life, every economic level and virtually every possible area of woundedness.

Life Renewal’s healing sessions are free! Supporting books cost $30 each.

Be set free from:

  • chemical and sexual addiction
  • sexual and physical abuse victimization
  • co-dependency issues
  • perfectionism
  • the scars of divorce
  • betrayal
  • abortion trauma
  • homosexuality
  • anger issues
  • gambling
  • eating disorders
  • frozen emotions

If you are interested in starting Life Renewal in your area, check out the startup video.